News from Our Resident Artists: Rachel Clewlow Exhibits at Platform A and Northern Print...

"My Paths are My Ideas of Imagination" is the title of this exhibit by Cobalt resident artist Rachel Clewlow, currently on at the Platform A Gallery in Middlesbrough. 

This exhibition traces a very personal journey across urban landscapes. As the title suggests, Clewlow maps out her walks through real and imagined routes in Newcastle, London and Rochdale, which she then weaves into her works through painting and printmaking, to create a unique visual language. 

Large scale, meticulously detailed, with a clean, well-studied colour palette, and a very precise handling of geometrical shapes and lines, which makes Clewlow's art all the more alluring.

If you can't see it in person, visit Platform A online here:

Here's a review of the exhibit by Hellen Shaddock:

Newcastle folks, you can catch her work at Northern Print until October 28th: