We need your help to soundproof Cobalt!

Since converting the wood workshop into a pop up venue in October 2015, we've programmed and hosted a number of events from live music and DJ's to story telling and urban planning groups. It's brought a very welcome stream of new people into a public space at Cobalt providing opportunities to converse, engage, celebrate and dance!

However ... since applying for a permanent premises license in January the whole landscape has changed. A single noise complaint from a nearby resident student has seen a number of events cancelled as the council are now very reluctant to issue any more temporary event notices until we meet the terms set down by the license agreement. A key part of this is noise reduction and while we were expecting to have to do work in this respect, the enforced timetable and cancellation of events has made it very difficult.

So we've set up a crowd funder which will enable us to keep moving the project forward and ensure the doors open again for all the wonderful things we have planned! 200 capacity venues are virtually non existent in Newcastle, especially those that are artist led with a DIY aesthetic and spirit. We've had tremendous support from many of those that have attended events and we're confident that the community will want to see this project survive so please click on the link below for more information and to pledge whatever you can afford. Nothing is too small and there are a host of rewards up for grabs!