Do we hire Cobalt?

Do we hire Cobalt out?

Yes! Cobalt has been hired for a wide variety of events. We can hire to promoters for DJ / music events and cultural organisations for a wide range of events from performance to art exhibitions, networking, training days and festivals.

We have a limited amount of hire that we can offer. Our main business is the provision of artists’ studios so we need to ensure a balance between the venue space and our tenants' needs. Cobalt is a culturally driven building so we also need to strike a balance between ensuring a good spread of high quality cultural activity and party nights!  Our rates for cultural organisations vary depending on the nature of the event and the size/governance of the organisation, our promoter rates are slightly higher, and any profit made is reinvested into the provision of culture. You can see our application form for more details.

We don’t have the capacity to do private parties but we will consider up to 3 weddings a year. This is because we love to host and feel that our skills and venue would create a very special day. It is also because the revenue weddings generate can create a substantial contribution to programming some of the less economically viable cultural events.

What do I need to know?

FLOORPLAN - Click the image to view larger

Our capacity is 220 standing, a seated performance can take 65 with a good view of the stage.

We have in house PA, lighting, mixing desks, decks, projectors, microphones, stackable chairs, long tables and bench seating.

We can offer catering packages, tea, coffee, and we have a fully licensed bar. We don’t allow people to bring in their own food or drink.

We are fully accessible.

We have a cloakroom.

We are a 6 minute walk from Manors metro, and just a 2 minute walk from lots of major bus routes (e.g.  no 12, 39. 40).

There is free parking in the area for up to 2 hours. We can occasionally offer a permit or off road parking to one car during an event e.g. vehicle loading in equipment, etc.

We are licensed 365 days year from 10 am – midnight. We are also licensed for 25 events a year that run until 2 am.

The space has 4 windows providing some degree of natural light in the daytime, there is a wide variety of artificial lighting.

It is easier for us to consider weekday events but please feel free to apply for weekend events too as there will be some opportunities.

Hire costs will be between £150 -£500 for all events (weddings excluded). For large events a damage deposit will be requested. Occasionally we will chose to support some cultural events and offer the space for free.

What is the process for making an enquiry?

We are currently running the building voluntarily and working at capacity. PLEASE don’t call in the first instance as we can’t always get to the phones. Instead, please fill in an enquiry form and submit it to us. We will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry by email so that you know we have got it. As soon as we have had a chance to consider it, we will reply in full. If event, date and proposed fee can be agreed, we will send you a booking form, contract and invoice for deposit. 

Hire is finalised on the receipt of a signed contract and received deposit.