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Skew-Whiff:Jane Fitz, Blasha & Allatt, Dr. Joseph (3am)

  • Cobalt Studios CIC 10-16 Boyd Street Newcastle Upon Tyne (map)

Jane Fitz is one of the greatest DJ’s in the world and that is a fact. I am not alone in that view. Blasha & Allatt are the sort of DJ’s who become your favourite within minutes of basking in their presence. No other DJ’s have had as great an impact on my own musical outlook and passion as they have. They have played at, danced on and masterminded the world’s most passionate dance floors for years, specialising in records to send you truly skew-whiff. To bring them here together, for the first time at the same party, is an actual ‘dream come true’ lineup. I will be playing for only a short time early doors, before joining all of you in the furnace as soon as possible.

Five years ago, when starting Backdrop, we booked Jane for her Newcastle debut and not long after her we brought Tash & Steffi up too. They provided some of the more pivotal moments of the entire Backdrop era, providing many with their most memorable and powerful "I was there" raving experiences yet. Our page was littered with messages of support, with many of you so grateful yet immediately pleading for their return. We of course obliged, with future parties merely cementing their reputation as some of the most beloved and adored DJ’s to have graced the North.

While gawping at the sunrise from the majestic mountaintops of Rural festival outside Tokyo, three Japanese fans arrived just in time for her 8am Monday morning slot. “We are here for Jane Fitz, Rural 2018” were the slogans on their t-shirts. Weren't we all! She opened the stage with ambience as the clouds rolled in, before steering our minds and bodies through three hours of squelching acid, pulsing bass, tripped out trance and belting techno. Sweaty bodies gyrated to the mind-bending beat. Friends old, new and soon-to-be shared knowing glances, wild smiles and impassioned embraces. The intensity of the music pushed our body’s mechanisms to its outer limits as the temperatures hit 37 °C, moments of audible jubilation unleashed alongside moments of eyes closed transcendence. These are the hours that matter, where little else does. It was the sort of life affirming rave moment you dream of as a dancer and music enthusiast. Anybody can list the parties/clubs she has played or mixes she has unleashed, but I hope that in sharing a treasured memory from the archive, you will be reminded of just what Jane has to offer, though I am sure you had never forgotten.

A passion for old and forgotten ‘around the millennium techno’ records means Blasha & Allatt can absolutely tonk,tonk,tonk it out better than anyone I know, but are not constrained to just the crash, bang, wallop. With a plethora of years ‘trained to the floor’ between them, these DJ’s are able to climb inside the head of a dancer and know what you need, but continually challenge and surprise you with what you are be capable of going mad for. What might seem like a rapid rise from the outside looking in (with the almighty Printworks, Tresor & Dimension Festival’s Moat all on this years hit list), it is of course based on a relentless dedication to their craft. A foundation built on masterminding what is undeniably the UK’s most fierce and brilliant techno party, Manchester’s Meat Free, they are exactly who you need at the helm when you want your heads blown clean off, but a smile kept on your face as it melts. Only Jane rivals them for having a more loyal fanbase up here, so I expect there to be a lot of you out giving it big licks at the front for two of the most versatile, highly skilled rave conjurers playing anywhere today.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support through the Backdrop years, Ape-X collaborations and until now. This is the first time I am throwing parties with only myself at HQ, but I am never really alone, for I have all of you to share it with. Thank you also to Cobalt Studios, for being the club and artistic hub this city needs, I am really proud to be working with you on the Boyd Street takeovers.

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