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Creative Soup

  • Cobalt Studios CIC 10-16 Boyd Street Newcastle Upon Tyne (map)
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Creative Soup is a new venture from Newcastle Soup. The concept is simple. We want to get small pots of money to creative projects or ideas to help them on their way. That can be anything from art to music to drama to crafts to puppetry to dance to spoken word to comedy, the list is endless!
Soup is a lovely, friendly micro funding and networking event. It is so much more than the pot of money on offer.
People pay £4 to come and hear 4 speakers talk for 4 minutes each and then taking 4 questions from the audience. The audience then share a communal meal of donated soup and bread and vote for the project they want to win all of the entrance money.
It is a great opportunity to network and meet like minded people as well as support some amazing creative projects in the local area.
It is a fantastic platform for people to promote their creative projects or ideas and have the chance to win a pot of money to help them on their way. The only criteria is that the project has to "do good" for more than one person.
If you have any questions or would like to speak at this event please message us or email