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Fresh - Noya Rao, Corporationpop & Girl Hogg


FRESH = midweek gigs presenting fresh new music and fresh homemade food (usually but not always pizza!) for £5 (but you have to buy them in advance online to be guaranteed food - otherwise we can't guesstimate numbers or try your luck on the door!) 

Where to start with this one, its a total deluge of new fresh new talent- 4 juicy acts in one night- not to be missed.

Noya Rayo
Purveyors of enigmatic dreamscapes and organic, danceable electronica, Leeds-based, electronic-soul quartet Noya Rao are set to release their debut album, Icaros, this November.

Their compositions draw on ifluences of jazz, hip-hop and electronic music whilst incorporating the sounds of the bass-heavy-dub music synonymous with the Leeds music scene. Vocalist Olivia Bhattacharjee brings her gospel style and complex choral harmony to the band. 

An innovator of 21st Century beat poetry, she blends female-centric narrarives with catchy synthpop beats, and has been described as everything from a "sardonic electro-poet" to "The Human League meets Sylvia Plath".

With her demo EP gaining BBC Radio 6 airplay and a forthcoming EP 'Meet Me By The Viaduct' released on April 20th through iconic Odd Box Records, it's all going pretty well for a lass from the wrong side of the Pennines.

First Stockport, then the world.

"Observational, despairing, witty. Suburban beat poetry for the disenchanted, disinherited, atonally dispirited generation. Authentic in a world where the word has lost all meaning. Altruistic – she gives of herself and sprinkles magic."
- Everett True -

Girl Hogg
Makeshift electonic punk'd-pop assemblages. Bric-a-brac songsmithereens and cracked educational percussion.

Sarah & Zoe making a pigs ear out of punk. You can't polish a bird, but you can cover them in glitter. For fans of Thai food, feminist prose, and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion.

Earlier Event: July 7
Narc Fest Free Afterparty (til 2.00)
Later Event: July 22
Cookie Tongue & Susan