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Violets #5 Lone Taxidermist, ILL, Charismatic Megafauna, Candy V

violets 5.jpg

EVENT RUNS FROM 9PM TILL 2AM (ignore the contradicting time, it is due to website glitch)

Tickets £9 in advance £11 otd
Saturday night is an oozy, feisty, colourful, theatrical cabaret of music, visuals, costume and décor. Come and get involved on whatever level you feel comfortable, for those that are really keen there will be glitter, faceprint and trifle. 

The Lone Taxidermist’s debut album ‘Trifle’ is a gallery of grotesquery not recommended for either the nervous of disposition or lactose intolerant. Arriving from a nocturnal world of sex and skullduggery, these irreverent and outlandish ditties exist on a unique psychic realm in which profane and profound happily step out together on the lash - a collision between the high-maintenance and the kitchen sink that’s a feverish spectacle to behold. Their performance harmoniously marries glamour and gluttony, frozen summer fruits, gelatine, custard and cream and is a true spectacle not to be missed. The proof, in this case, is very much in the pudding. 

Ill is a genre-evading band who believe in the power of disobedient noise. With a repertoire of precarious pop songs and improvised departures, Ill revel in the right to be weird.

Charismatic Megafauna are a dance punk band born from a need to rage and move. They use drums, synth, drum pads and voices in their performances and use the breakdown of words and the build-up of rhythms to make worlds.

The infamous Candy Vortex is an artist collective based in Newcastle. With a distinct style that mashes up punk, sugar coated gothic and frou frou girl power with a dark edge, they will excite you, fright you and get you moving with their mind-bending blend of art and music.