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Violets #4 Ikonika & Nabihah Iqbal

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EVENT RUNS FROM 9PM TILL 2AM (ignore the contradicting time, it is due to website glitch)

£8 in advance (bargain!) £10 otd
Friday is club night. We bring you two heavyweight DJ producers chosen for their eclectic approach to music, straight up attitude and intuitive ability to work a room; Ikonika & Nabihah Iqbal .Beyond that we don’t really know where then night will go, or how to define what theydo with words . And that’s exactly why we are excited. 

When describing Ikonika Resident Advisor says the following….Sara Chen's music has consistently mutated since the post-dubstep days of "Please" and "Idiot," her earliest singles for Hyperdub. She's a criminally underrated DJ who breezes through whiplash-inducing tempo or style changes. This is heard in her productions, though they don't always feel geared towards the club—recent albums Distractions and Aerotropolis were more like glittering electronic pop than club music. Effortlessly combining house and grime, "Oral Suspension," on DBA Dubs, is Chen in dance floor mode. 

The swooping stop-start motions of "Oral Suspension" recall the early days of Night Slugs, and the way the rhythm moves between half-time and 4/4 makes it a head-turner. It feels soulful and classic yet new and experimental, which reflects Chen's DJ style. Big Strick's remix cages Chen's fluttering chords in a thumping house frame. He keeps its cheeky bounce, a balancing act that feels just as effortless as Chen's.

At a time when dance music is embracing cross-pollination and eclecticism more than ever before, it’s a prime moment for Nabihah’s increasingly all-embracing approach. Re-connecting the worlds of introspective, innovative guitar bands with the rhythms and club-born structures of dance music, there’s a wealth of different tangents she’s managed to unpack. Informed by a well-travelled (and well-researched) perspective on music, she finds whole, uncovered pathways left to explore.

Many musicians like to speak of versatility, but Nabihah Iqbal has better grounds than most. She boasts an MPhil (focused on African history) from Cambridge, experience working in human rights law and a black belt in Karate. Formerly known as Throwing Shade, she’s ditched that moniker to embrace the name she was born with. Readying her debut album for Ninja Tune, ‘Weighing of the Heart’ is a big statement in two ways: first, because she’s taken her real name to stand proudly as a female British Asian artists making music and, secondly, because she’s moved her music in a bolder, more expansive direction.