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Fresh - Late Girl + Competition

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FRESH = midweek gigs presenting fresh new music and fresh homemade food for £5 (but you have to buy them in advance online to be guaranteed food - otherwise we can't guesstimate numbers or try your luck on the door!) 

Late Girl
Employing electroacoustic composition, with looming melodies and perverted samples to create beats of surreal humour, this is a modern take on programmed beat music. Sometimes submerging written or sung stories with soundscape pieces, Late Girl externalises cultural assumptions with a personal take and irreverent approach.
With a classical background that whispers its way into the foreground of the music, Late Girl, as an electronic project, started in July 2017 and has made a late appearance in several spaces around Newcastle, Durham and Hartlepool.

Competition makes (mild) pop music, performing with a sampler and voice. The songs think about smallness and vulnerability, and build hooks from their own limited means - finding tension and arrangement(s) within sparseness and repetition. He played his first show at TOPH 1.0 in 2015 and has since performed around the UK with people like Rattle, Calvin Johnson, Porridge Radio and Vital Idles.