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Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival 2017

S3: Sex & Puppets, Wondering Hands / Puppet Cabaret, Headstrung

As part of Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival 2017

SEX AND PUPPETS / Wondering Hands:

‘Sex and Puppets,’ is a brand new puppet show about SEX. Crash land with Tweak and Fuzz on a journey to the weird, wonderful world of sex and relationships. A voyage inspired by real stories of first kisses, crushes, identity, bodies and all the fuzzy stuff in between.

Using verbatim material and innovative puppetry, Wondering Hands are addressing this country’s serious lack of cohesive sex education. We’re exploring consent, gender and sexuality, breaking down unhelpful preconceptions, looking at love, lust and communication. We want to make people laugh because we think laughter and good sex should go hand and hand. So ‘Sex and Puppets’ is a show about sex. And puppets. What’s not to love?


A son of the circus, vitor is a puppet of many talents. Brace yourself for phenomenal strongman skills, nifty acrobatics, fire breathing and an explosive finale!

Funky Love Muscle
A male dance routine to make you blush. These dream boys will be pleased to see you!

The Great Throwzini
Put your hands together and welcome to the stage..the Great Throwzini (impalement artiste). This unique knife throwing act will have you on the edge of your seat as his blades hurtle towards his glamorous (yet reluctant) assistant.

Here at Headstrung Headquarters we're lucky to have a number of a-list celebrities on our books. Boasting names such as David Bowie, Jarvis Cocker, Meatloaf, Right Said Fred. Each of them are happy to rock up and deliver the golden oldies we all know and love.